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August 25, 2007

A random look at things Japanese (K’s House Mt. Fuji)

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I don’t really have any great stories to enthrall the masses with.  That’s part of the reason I’ve not updated in awhile.  The topics of the my ranting today shall include all sorts of interesting (not interesting) things.  Including, Japanese nature, the place I’m staying, and maybe crime (not).

So, even though I’ve a lot of cities, seeing as how Japan is an volcano nation there is lots of nature as well.  And there are plenty of beautiful views and it’s all great.  However, if take a minor look closer, one thing I think you’ll find is that every where you go the nature has been retouched by human hands.  Across entire mounts you’ll see the man made shoring to help stop erosion.  Usually that’s what trees do, but they destroyed the trees making their highways and towns so the only thing left for them to do was to enclose all their mounts in mesh wire.

It kinda makes you lose the moment.

It’s no secret that Japan has a problem with environmental preservation.  Even the national parks of Japan are open to logging and the like.  The business cartels that run Japan’s government (think our lobbying system only much worse due to the complicit acceptance of such a system) don’t let things which hurt their farms or anything else which furthers humanity (money) be encroached by that which is green.

One of the problems of course is that, once the government decides something is good for the country, then the country usually agrees.  Even if there was something a lot of people disagreed about, far be it for them to go against Japan’s national interest, those are the kind of feelings you keep to yourself (A country where you don’t even need imminent domain, wouldn’t our politicians love that).

Of course as Japan changes so does it’s collective mindset, ironically (hopefully) into a more individualistic one.  Now you have raising awareness of things like that.  (Although, the bliss of the farm will no doubt always be augmented by that random lone vending machine.)

A cool story is about how the last undeveloped island in Japan (Iriomote Jima) was saved from being developed by it’s residence.  A truly cool, and pretty different thing to happen in japan.  Here’s a link the initial hubdub[], there’s a pending lawsuit which has frozen operations I believe.  Look it up if you care.  That link also has a cool picture of the yamaneko, which I think is cute.

In other news, the place I’m staying is essentially indescribable in it’s awesomeness.  I’m doing this trip on the cheap so hostels are the way to go, and I don’t have high standards.  A soft bed, friendly people, and I’m set.  So as of yet, I’ve been rating the places I’ve been fairly high.  Now I feel like a jackass, because all those places should get 1 star reviews compared to the place I am now.  K’s House Mt. Fuji.  A bulleted list to include all the things which are awesome about it:

  • Huge.  A spacious lobby, spacious rooms, spacious bathrooms, huge kitchen, crazy large dining room.
  • Nearly brand new computers, not the old shit I was typing on in other places.  But top of the line stuff.  It’s kind of nice.  Only 2 however, which is a downside.
  • Real pillows, as of yet, I’ve had essentially stiff foam rectangles for pillows.  I thought this was SOP, but for the first time ever, I have something resembling what I might use back home.
  • Besides the Kitchen being big, it’s well equipped, has ample storage space, and is super clean.  I walked into it and wished I cooked, just so I could use it.
  • The rooms are some of the nicest I’ve seen.  They all come with blankets at no special request, and every bed has it’s own reading light.  And everyone gets a couple of hangers to put shit on, no doubt.  Fairly awesome.
  • The bathrooms are amazing as well.  The sinks are all nice and clean, as well as having soap, which is a plus.  The business part of the bathrooms is separated by sex, and in my version were complete with urinals, and western and japanese style pots.  (Does anybody actually prefer the Japanese style over the Western?)
  • This goes with the bathroom idea, but the showers are amazing.  I’m used to a few cramped showers tossed into some room, but each shower here is in its own room, perfect for the shy, or the large.
  • It’s right next to Like Kawaguchi.  Like 2 minutes away.  It’s almost hard to believe.  Beautiful views of Mt. Fuji. (of course a bus to it if you feel like climbing it (I don’t).)
  • A van that takes people to and from the station, also convenient for people with luggage who don’t want to walk.

In any case, if you come to the 5 lakes region and don’t stay here you are out of your mind.  All of this for 2500.  Ridiculous.

I don’t feel like writing about crime right now, so maybe you’ll get a taste of it later.

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