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October 29, 2007

A bit of site Maintenance

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So, the other day I took a few hours out of my busy schedule to fix things on my site that have been needed to be fixed for a few months.  Here’s a description of the changes:

1st.  Added RSS category feeds.  That is, if you only want updates for a particular category then you can use the Category drop down box to go to the category’s page (or click on the category which is listed under the title of every post) and then go to the Meta: drop-down menu to see a newly added Category RSS feed.  I don’t know if anybody actually would want that functionality, but I figure some might.

2nd. Changed my font per the request of Tom who told me it had reached the point that he couldn’t even read the posts on my site.  If he couldn’t I imagine other people couldn’t as well, and thus I switched to Helvetica which as you know is a sans-serif font, and I believe it makes everything much more readable.

3rd. Of course, this might make the previous less important for some of you.  I implemented a plug-in which allows full text posts in my rss feed, this should be trivial but with newer versions, WordPress now truncates at the “More” tag if you use them (which as you know, I do).  It was a pretty easy fix, and now you don’t even have to come to my page if you don’t want to.

4th.  I wanted to change the behavior of the top tool bar on this blog, because in IE, it has some less appealing behavior.  Unfortunately, it looks fine in Firefox as it is.  (It still looks horribly in all sorts of ways in IE6, but let’s not think about that.) Anyway, what this means is that if I fix it in IE7 it breaks in Firefox.  I believe the problem lies with the different ways browsers display form fields but I couldn’t find a fix in the 5 minutes I searched, so I gave up.

Finally, I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress, which among other things gave me the new tags functionality.  I might go back and retrofit tags to other, older posts, but for now I’ll use them for my new ones.  I’m a big fan of tags as a way of sorting data so I think this is pretty cool.

In the future, I have other exciting things I should put up here, but we’ll see when I next have time.  I still need to make the rest of my site correct (where’s the content?) and I want to post about RSS so that some of the people who might not know what it is, can rejoice in how awesome it is.

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