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February 22, 2008

My current classes

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So, I’ve been pretty bad about posting but I don’t really care because I have plenty of other things to do when I’m not posting.

A lot of times when I post, I just talk about everything since the last time I posted, which is in general not the optimal way to post. Post get long and have all sorts of different topics. What’s the point of having categories if every post has all of them.

So this post will be about my classes. I only have 4 classes which is the smallest number of classes I’ve had since the forced credit limit my first semester at MIT. It’s actually pretty nice not having to do work every second of the day. Even so, it always seems like I’m rushing to finish things, but I write that off to inefficient use of time.

Now for my classes:

  1. 6.006: Introduction to algorithms
    This class is exactly what it sounds like. There’s an alternative class with more theory but this is definitely better for people who care more about implementations. The assignments involve coding in python which is a neat little scripting language so it keeps me pretty happy. As a bonus, they force PDF hand-ins of PSets, so I finally have a coercive reason to learn Latex which is the only way I will ever turn in a math/science assignment again.
  2. 6.033: Computer Systems Engineering
    This is a required class which teaches how to look at computer systems. We read a lot of papers about systems, and in turn we write our own. It has a couple of somewhat interesting design projects. I don’t like reading or writing that much but I hope the subject material makes up for the communication stuff. Even if it doesn’t it’s hard to argue that communication isn’t important.
  3. 6.115: Micro-Controller Lab
    Microcontrolles (MCs) are what make all your electronics work. They’re inside your microwave, you MP3 player and everything else you use from a day to day basis. The class involves programming our own MCs in various labs, finishing up with a project of our own making. Professor Leeb teaches the class and is funny and engaging. I get to program the chips in assembly which suits me fine. Could be one of my favorite classes of the term.
  4. 21F.504: Intermediate Japanese 2
    My 4th semester of Japanese had a rough start but I think I have things under control and I’ll be focusing a lot of my attention on this class. For some reason, I find it easy to work on things like programming assignments and what not but it always seems like a chore to study Japanese. This is odd, because when I’m in the process of studying Japanese it’s fine. It’s just some barrier to starting a session which is holding me back. My fingers are crossed though.

Still longer than I wanted but I guess at least it’s fairly focused. Hopefully, I’ll have another post soon in the future about the tasks I’m getting paid for over the term, and also the things I want to do in my spare time.

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