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August 27, 2009

Road Trip Update 1

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We’re now chilling in Las Vegas.  We have a pretty sweet hotel but everything here is quite expensive.  The trip here wasn’t too bad.  Here’s a list of cool things I learned:

  • Utah has people in airplanes that check your speed.  I want to be pulled over by an airplane.
  • Utah also has a beehive as it’s state highway symbol.
  • Going down mountains are super fun.

Vegas was fun, I was trying to acquire a taste for beer, but it’s still at the pretty terrible range.  I had a pretty good fruity drink at some place that cost like 13 dollars.  Everything around here is way too expensive but I guess that’s the price you pay for being in the city of sin.

Also, Tom was really interested in the the calling cards that were handed out by random people everywhere advertising the best prostitutes.  $35 special indeed. (That was actually a lie.)

Tom has more here:

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